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Lishi HU100R 2 in1 Decoder and Pick is designed for BMW F-SERIES



Lishi HU100R 2in1 Decoder and Pick is designed for BMW F-SERIES [2 Track Internal]


Series 1 2011 onwards, Series 2 2014 onwards, Series 3 2011 onwards, Series 4 2013 onwards, Series 5 2010 onwards.

Suitable models: new BMW, Rolls Royce

Opening direction: when the door lock is on the left, it opens counterclockwise, and when it is on the right, it opens clockwise

This lock cylinder has a total of 8 tooth positions

This key has a total of 4 tooth depth numbers. No. 1 is the shallowest, No. 4 is the deepest

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Lishi HU100R_02

Lishi HU100R_03

Lishi HU100R_04

Lishi HU100R_05

Lishi HU100R_06

Post time: Jul-28-2021