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Lishi DAT17 2 in1 Decoder and Pick



Lishi DAT17 2 in1 Decoder and Pick is designed for Subaru Legacy/Forester/Outback [4 Track External]

List of makes and models (for guidance only)


B9 Tribeca 2007 onwards, Forester 2008 onwards, Impreza 2007 onwards, Legacy 2005 onwards & Outback 2005 onwards

Applicable models: Car Subaru

Opening direction: When the door is on the left, it opens clockwise and when it is on the right, it opens counterclockwise.

Opening method: This lock must be fully opened before you can read the teeth. First, test the position of the marbles. One side of A and B is 1, 3, 5, and the other side is 2, 4.

With this lock, the left-hand steering car is driven (clockwise) to the rear of the car to test each shrapnel, see whether it is moving or not, move it when it is not moving, and ignore it when it is moving. Test one by one, this putt must be increased.

Regardless of which group A or B should be opened first, rotate 45 degrees and continue to drive. After the rotation, it will be group A. After opening, do not loosen your hand, you can read the teeth at this time, press and release the lever to read the teeth, and press it to the end to get the number.

After opening, return to position.

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Post time: Jul-15-2021