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Configure A new key

If you choose to equip the repair station with a new key, then you need to provide the vehicle and the owner’s ID. According to different models, the repair station requires the owner to provide a 17-digit anti-theft password for the configuration key. This password is not a tooth number, but a password provided to the owner when buying a new car. For some models, the maintenance station provides the car manufacturer with the certificate of the vehicle and the owner. The manufacturer queries the anti-theft password of the configuration key through the database and faxes it to the maintenance station.

After obtaining this password, the repair station requires the owner to provide the key tooth number to configure a new metal key. If there is no tooth profile number, you can query the tooth profile number through the database. At the same time, the repair station can modify the onboard computer parameters to set the lost car key as an illegal key, but only if the car cannot be started, and the lost key can still open the door.Here is a reminder to car owners: once the car key is found to be lost, even if a new key has been configured, you should still be careful not to store valuables in the car.

Please replace the vehicle lock directly at the repair stationSince there is still a risk of losing the contents of the car when changing the key, changing the lock will eliminate this risk completely. However, the cost of changing the lock is much larger than the new key.Depending on the different model and car,The locks is differebt.  Some models use the same key for the door, luggage compartment door, glove compartment door and fuel tank cap. At this time, if the entire vehicle lock is replaced, the locks that need to be replaced are compared. 

Generally speaking, the total cost of a new key varies from 300 yuan to 2,000 yuan , but the cost of renewalling the car lock may be 4 to 5 times that of the key replacement, and the key replacement is usually also It is not within the scope of the insurance company’s claims, so the cost is higher.

Generally speaking, a new key can be equipped in a few hours, but some high-end luxury models require more time, because some high-end imported cars need to complete the process of keying and discarding the original key at the production site. High-end cars have higher levels of password cracking and matching and higher prices.

Post time: Aug-17-2020